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February Free Wallpaper

Hey there! Thanks for dropping by for my Free Wallpaper – Free Background Screen Bling for February.

February is the month for many things including lover and love in general thanks to Valentine’s Day.

I know that not everyone has a certain someone and I wanted to make this month’s bling available to all, not just those with a significant other.

My message to you this month is to LOVE YOURSELF. I have created this message in my hand drawn text and added in a sweet little birdie drawing I made while daydreaming of spring. I SO MISS MY BIRDIES!!

kingfisherThe colors in this design are inspired by this Kingfisher image which I was blessed to get from a talented photographer over on pixabay named
Lubos Houska. Here is the photo inspiration I used.

I adore the colors here. It is amazing what nature can do with color, eh?

I love making these free wallpapers and I hope my free screen bling will dress up your phone, laptop or tablet!

Always remember to show yourself love and care. It all starts with you!

The screen bling is all inside the zip file. To download, just click on the link below. Once you unzip your files to your computer you can use your device’s standard settings to update your wallpaper or background.

There are a ton of tutorials out there on changing wallpaper and background so I won’t get into the details here. YouTube is a fountain of knowledge!

If you would like to receive each new bling, when it is released you can simply follow me on social or sign up to my newsletter. All links are below.

Have a most loving February! 


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